Design in Quarantine was founded in April of 2020 in order to document and preserve in real time design responses to the Coronavirus pandemic. We feel that it is urgent for design historians to respond as swiftly to the coronavirus pandemic as designers are themselves. The closure of museums, libraries, and archives has forced a shift upon traditional design history research methodologies and forms of archiving. Inspired by the technique of rapid-response curation in museums, the digital collection of this archive is a real-time example of changing research methods in light of recent events. 


We seek to collect works which are integral to representing the evolution of design responses to the coronavirus pandemic. Our aim is to represent the range of responses across design disciplines including but not limited to graphics, architectural concepts, product and furniture design, and bespoke craft.

All works selected for inclusion are relevant to our rationale and outcomes.

We rigorously research the work of design to its inclusion in the archive. This research includes:
the creator and owner of the work;
the date the work was created;
the countries in which the work was created (if relevant);

Works collected are not only exceptional pieces in themselves but also relate to broader issues concerning the pandemic such as mental and physical health, evolving technologies, and societal change.


By creating this archive, we aim for the material within to be publicly accessible beyond simply searching within the interface of our site.

We are currently working to export the metadata for each project in our archive. Once this is resolved, we will upload the latest version of the site every Friday to Github for public download. We hope that storage on a cloud service will preserve the data of our site indefinitely and give future researchers the capability to access the archive we have assembled here. 

Design in Quarantine is a project by Fleur Elkerton and Anna Talley, postgraduate design historians at the Royal College of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England.  

If you’d like to submit a project, send us an email at designinquarantine@gmail.com.

Please include:
the date of the project;
who created it;
a maximum 300 word “label” explaining the design;
credit for images;