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482 Hospital AZ Monica becomes AZ Sophie

Date: September 2021
Designed by:
Credit: VRT

The nurses and doctors were vitally needed in this pandemic. Due to this, people thanked them in many ways for their help. One example of this is, was initiated by the hospital, 'AZ Monica' in Belgium. They changed their name and logo temporarily to different staff names to thank them for their hard work.

"We want to achieve two goals with this campaign. We want to give our employees the attention they deserve in a playful way and thank them for their daily efforts, flexibility, and loyalty. They were there to help people not only there during the intense covid period, but every day. We also want to emphasize the personal relationship between our patients and our staff. We want to encourage our staff to introduce themselves personally to patients, giving their name and position. We find that such a small gesture reassures our patients much more." - Greet Peeters