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421 Santa Kupča lockdown duvet-style dresses

Date: Nov 2020
Designed by: Santa Kupča
Credit: dezeen

Designed to be worn during remote video calls in isolation, each of the three items that form the collection created by Santa Kupča represents the ‘mundane’ aspects of having to stay indoors. 

Talking to dezeen, the Latvian Design Academy Eindhoven graduate explained that ‘Covid-19 and the lockdown impacted my graduation project dearly [...] Talking on screens and in Zoom conversations became an everyday thing, which often made me confused – I felt like I was in an in-between place, not entirely at home, not entirely there in the conversation [...] During isolation, every day can seem mundane, but what if we could turn it more celebratory? Instead of feeling trapped at home, you could celebrate by being the queen/king of your castle," said the Latvian designer.’