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420 Cauleen Smith's Piccadilly Lights Covid Manifesto

Date: Nov 2020
Designed by: Cauleen Smith
Credit: itsnicethat, oceanoutdoor, 

On a good year, Piccadilly Lights in London are visited by over 100,000,000 people. This year, in addition to traditional advertisements, the single 783.5m2 screen (which is the largest advertising display in Europe) has played host to artworks that respond to the pandemic. According to It’s Nice That, the artist Cauleen Smith’s Covid Manifesto ‘takes the form of photographs of the artist’s desk and its various ephemera, at its centre a handwritten statement, for example: ‘Covid Manifesto #5 – The internet is a tool not a habitat. I don’t live there’ and ‘Exploitation is the only thing that trickles down’. 

Other artists to have been featured in 2020 include Ai Weiwei and Eddie Peake.