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414 Airwal aspirator

Date: June 2020
Designed by: Federica Marrella & Cecilia Polonara / Gianpiero Caputo
Credit: nostrodesignstudio @nostrodesignstudio 

WHAT: Airwal is a bio-safety aspirator for a post-pandemic dining experience.

WHY: Airwal has been specifically designed to mitigate the risk of contagions and the spread of infections during the pandemic and post-pandemic times, taking into account the physical and psychological health of the users fighting against the effects of isolation.

PROCESS: Airwal can capture saliva particles and water vapours, potential carriers of pathogens, maintaining a clean and sanitised environment. The housing of the product is aluminium. Its operation is completed through the use of an aspirator combined with a high-efficiency air filter positioned in the centre of the structure, which captures at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 0.125 microns in diameter. The team decided to transform the concept from a device used as a mean of suspension to a device used as a mean of support, positioning the aspirator system into the structure of a dining table and using the weight as a balance element. In this way,the team took advantage of the motion of the airborne particles travelling through the air and falling to the ground because of their gravitational force.”