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404 Coronavirus location identity

Date: June 2020
Designed by: Nikhil Kumar
Credit: @nikhil.kumar_02

“The concept was to create a strong Identity through Visual Representation of the Corona Virus reflecting its personality as a harmful virus. The basic structure of the virus with a location symbol is taken into consideration to form the universal Identity. The idea was to convey to the people the status of the virus in the current location through the visual design. The most commonly used symbol of location is considered and reformed to give information to the people. The basic structure of the virus on the location symbol can easily convey the information through the identity. It is scalable and can be used in residential areas, containment zones, hospitals, and clinics, office complexes, tech parks, industrial zones, public spaces like metro, railway stations, malls, etc. The language and color help people more to get familiar with the information.”

Selected as a winner for the D'source Corona Design Challenge organized by IDC, IIT Bombay (in collaboration with MHRD, Govt. of India; International Council of Design; BHU; DoD, IIT Guwahati, and World Design Organisation).”