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393 CoronaCrisisKruk

Date: November 2020
Designed by: Object Studio
Credit: Dezeen, photography by Cees Hin

Amsterdam-based Object Studio has designed the CoronaCrisisKruk, a portable bench with a handle designed for on-the-go social distancing. ObjectStudio designed the bench to help people adapt to life following coronavirus protocol. The CoronaCrisisKruk consists of two krukken (stools in Dutch) attached to a long beam made of CNC-milled birch plywood pieces. The bench’s design acts as a physical and visual aid for correct social distancing protocols.

Van den Broek first designed and produced a handful of CoronaCrisisKruk prototypes in March and placed them in his local park, saying, “People understood them right away, and just loved using them. Even in a circle around them people kept the right distance from each other, without having to check or correct others on their behaviour.”

Object Studio is now offering custom-made CoronaCrisisKruks to organisations with all of the proceeds donated to Doctors Without Borders. Van den Broek’s first benches are in the Noorderpark and the Amsterdam Museum has recently commissioned a CoronaCrisisKruk for their courtyard. Object Studio’s portable plague bench has been shortlisted for the Dezeen Award 2020 in the seating design category.