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391 A New Now

Date:from October 2020
Designed by: Morag

Credit: Morag Myerscough

This colourful installation which rises 8m in height has a double ambition: to encourage, with communicative joy, to build an 'after' to the Covid crisis and arouse, in a poetic and popular way, the imagination.

"I have always felt strongly that we need art in every form to stimulate us and transport us from the everyday, but at this time it is essential for our wellbeing.I do not believe in the phrase ‘a new normal’ I have always disliked the word ‘normal’.

For a while we were all on pause. We have all experienced this together we have had time that we have never had collectively before in the majority of our lifetimes to spend reflecting, to start understanding, rethinking about what is important to us as individuals, families, local communities and the global community. I believe it is impossible to predict the future and we are living in ‘A New Now’, we need to embrace and find ways of moving forward here and now, we are in the midst of seismic changes and we must aim to make a better sustainable world."