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387 SPRITZ table and chairs

Date Designed: May2020/ Date Realized: September 2020
Designed by: Filippo Mambretti and Erica Bica dos Reis
Credit: / @erica_bica @filippo_mambretti

The SPRITZ project, in addition to being designed during the quarantine, is dedicated to it. During quarantine many were unable to leave the house for months. In those months, designer Filippo Mambretti felt the need to create a piece that would take advantage of small common spaces that had become monotonous and saturated with routine.

SPRITZ is a box that turns into a coffee table with two comfortable stools inside. The product transforms unexplored or forgotten spaces, such as a landing between two stairs or small balconies, in to new places to have aperitifs, relax, meet with others (always with the right distances) and rediscover yourselves, as human beings.