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385 Wack Forwards

Date: September 2020
Designed by: Saba Mundlay, Karanjit Singh, Paroma Soni, Chinmay Rayarikar, Rounak Maiti 

“Wack Forwards is the result of a few friends having a few drinks whilst meeting after an intense lockdown in Mumbai, India. It is an ongoing WhatsApp group archiving the 'wack [Whatsapp] forwards' we have received during the pandemic. There is a big forwarding culture in India, from the uncles and aunties to the BJP and Shiv Sena IT cells. As people seem to be spending more time at home on their phones, the forwards are getting more and more hilarious. The content of these particular forwards during the pandemic is unique to the COVID; memes about the fact that PM Narendra Modi would only make national speeches at 8pm, about who has or does not have COVID-19, 'boomer' content about masks, and so forth. The archive as a whole is a depiction of [the author’s] extended social network. It reveals how the people I am digitally connected to feel about being in lockdown, and how are those feelings revealed through informal, comedic graphics.”