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375 WFH Vanitas Poster

Date: March 2020
Designed by: rodrigues.rob
Credit: rodrigues.rob

Reinterpreting a typical Renaissance vanitas painting, visual therapist and graphic designer rodrigues.rob’s WFH poster celebrates the benefits some people have felt during the pandemic. With a selection of objects that hint at the transience of life, vanitas art intends to remind the viewer of their own mortality. rodrigues.rob hints at the luxury of working from home with objects like a nautilus shell, a lobster, an abundance of fruit, and - most imposingly - a large Mac desktop.

According to rodrigues.rob the best things about this new way of working are the shorter communte (which means you can sleep longer), and you can work in comfortable clothes. ‘Maybe’, he gestures, ‘even your birthday suit.’ The downside, though, is the inevitabilty of work and homelife coalescing: ‘If your job is stressful [...] that will now be in your home’.