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366 Bounding Spaces

Date: March 2020
Designed by: Anna Dienemann
Credit: annadienemann

“The pandemic we experience in the now is reshaping our lives in unexpected ways and social distancing will stay as an evident rule in public spaces for a long time to come.

I believe this will create a challenge for us to appropriately dress ourselves in public when being surrounded by many people. “Bounding spaces” is a collection of size compressible accessories. The accessories playfully adapt to the new circumstance by transforming right on the body into a distance keeper to naturally create inaccessible space around you and to protect you. In one move, the accessories release into wearable spaces of abstract shapes. Large splotched patterns of natural and vibrant tones become visible and add an urban feel on a soft, durable surface. The shapes contrasting outlines, are framing your personal space and indicate others to keep distant. 

As the situation seems to be here to stay, it demands solutions that adapt to it. Bounding Spaces gives a fashion-driven answer with a playful approach to the fact that we will have to keep distance in public for longer.”