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357  The COVID-19 Community Vulnerability
Index (CCVI)

Date: March 2020
Designed by: Federica Fragapane and Paolo Corti.
Credit:, images Wallpaper Magazine and Surgo Foundation.

FF: “We have a huge responsibility, as people, and also as professionals. It’s like being journalists and having words to communicate what’s happening – or being photographers and using photographs to show what’s happening. As an information designer, I have at my disposal data visualisation, infographics, visual shapes to communicate what’s happening. I have to use my role, my tools, and my competence to talk about urgent topics, and also to give a voice to people”

Every community in the US will be affected by COVID-19 – but the impacts will not be the same in each. This index - developed by Surgo Foundation and featured as a CDC resource - identifies which communities may need the most support as coronavirus takes hold. Mapped to US census tract, county, and state levels, the CCVI helps inform COVID-19 planning and mitigation at a granular level.