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354 All the Joys

Date: August 2020
Designed by: Vedika Modi, Lina Alvarez and Juliette Wang
Credit: All the Joys

 “With the surge and upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a global wave of anxiety. Keeping one's mental health intact has been one of the many challenges of lockdown. The pandemic, as you may have seen with your own kids, has had a huge impact on children. As design students at Parsons School of Design we wanted to create a product which met the needs of the moment. 

We embarked upon a journey to answer the question “How might we help children build resilience during the pandemic?” We conducted primary and secondary research, reading papers online and speaking to parents. This led to us creating "All the Joys: Quarantine Edition" a self-directed workbook for children to help them in their journey towards emotional awareness and resilience.

This book was designed to help kids become resilient and empowered by giving them the tools to overcome challenges on their own. Tailored to a child's needs during the pandemic, the activities address: emotional wellbeing, feelings of loneliness, overcoming negativity, dealing with strong emotions and Boredom.

The activities draw from resilience psychology, positive psychology, and mindfulness. The book includes visualization exercises, story-telling, habit tracking, emotion identification, and several forms of journaling. Our goal through this book is to aid the social and emotional learning of every child, regardless of their level of privilege.”