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345 Mask Key face mask holder

Date: August 2020
Designed by: Opus Product Design Company

Credit: @opusproductdesign @jamesriley_design

Helping to make carrying your mask more convenient, Mask Key is the latest design created by Opus Product Design Company, a small handmade design shop located in the heart of Iowa City, IA.

From the designer: 

“We know from experience that it is not always easy to remember your mask on the way to the grocery store or other outings. To solve this problem we designed Mask Key, a convenient face mask holder that can fit into any pocket, purse, or attach to any set of keys. The design works by simply folding the mask, rolling it into the plastic surrounding, which then allows you to easily slide the mask into the case. Encapsulating the mask into a sleek aluminum container allows the user to keep a mask attached to their daily necessities. By doing this, it eliminates the necessity of always having to remember your mask on your way out the door. This also helps keep the mask clean from any dirt or other contaminants which tend to accumulate when masks are stored in pockets or bags. Our hope is that this design will help people stay safe during this pandemic in a stylish and unobtrusive fashion.”