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337 Listen card game

Date: 27 May 2020
Design by: Laura Jaramillo, Kazuki Guzman, Naïs Hoang
Credit: @listen.letstalk /

Listen, is a card game concept that helps people mediate difficult discussions. The game was first conceived during Wanted Design's Student Workshop for a design brief that called for a product meant to alleviate repercussions of the pandemic. The idea stemmed from the creators own experiences of quarantine and confinement. The common denominator between them was that neither of them were confined alone - and that came with some all-too-familiar challenges. This realization helped them decide to focus their energy on finding solutions for interpersonal friction that is being amplified by pandemic confinement.

Listen promotes consistent and open check-ins as a way to alleviate the tensions of living in close quarters. Listen brings design into the realm of interpersonal relationships by leveraging playing structures to guide its users through empathy tactics and constructive dialogue. Listen's gameplay is designed to encourage mutual respect among users and more frequent communication. We hope that Listen will make all conversations approachable, from ironing out the smallest pet peeve to tackling that seemingly insurmountable talk.

If this time has taught people anything, it's that the little things can either make or break one's own sense of satisfaction and happiness—the team behind Listen hope their small solution to good communication can help make people's lives right now a little more stable.