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(Mockup)  (Mockup)  

329 SafeDistance app

Date: June 2020
Designed by: Guy-Serge Emmanuel
Credit: gsestudio

SafeDistance is a design response solution for social distancing due to Covid-19. The reason and the need of this project are guided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and their guideline on social distance. This app can be used to reduce the chances of being infected or spreading Covid-19.

SafeDistance is the visual iconography illustrating the safe social distance space needed to avoid the spread of Covid-19. The iconography is responsive to various environments, from a movie theater ticket to a subway platform to the layout of various groups and families enjoying an afternoon in the park. The design solution is adaptable from small scale to experiential design and from the print world to the augmented reality world. An app uses augmented reality to indicate when one is breaking social distancing rules. The app can be used to set personal social distancing space. While the WHO recommends 3 feet, the Center for Disease Control suggests 6 feet, and some may feel more comfortable using 10 feet. The app will be adaptable, meaning it could be set for 1 person and can also be adjusted for a family or group of 4 or by expanding the social distancing area for the appropriate number of people.