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315 forIndiatoday
Date: Spring 2020

Design by: CHAAT/forIndiatoday
Credit: @chhat_foundation

“Millions of India’s most essential communities were forgotten in the wake of COVID-19. Many of these layoffs didn’t just result in a few extra days at home, rather, children watched their parent die of starvation on the side of the road.

We are a group of students from Cornell University, Harvard University and Central Saint Martins trying to support these communities through technology and design. We are designing low-cost isolation units to prevent the spread of the virus and using sms based platforms to connect food workers to places in dire need of food.

forIndiaToday has partnered with CHHAT - Centre for Human Habitat and Alternative Technology has demonstrated expertise in designing and executing emergent structures that can provide refuge to a wide spectrum of people, especially the underrepresented.

Designs include a low cost toolkit for COVID-19, an isolation screen and bamboo based isolation units.”