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296 ClearTheAirDrop

Date: July 2020
Project by: Lane Karczewski in collaboration with: Ingrid Chang, Erica Canup, Brad Kayal, Jess Kemmerling, Ryan Tovani, David Kim, Tori McGoogan, Brian Vandeputte, Roseanne Overton, Max Hendren, Yelena Rybkina, Joy Scull, Allison Bhatta, Angie McDonald, Kathryn Izquierdo-Gallegos, Tucker Lebsack, Matt Kelsen, Steph Langan
Credit: cleartheairdrop

Clear the Airdrop is a collection of graphics that urge better COVID hygeine. The graphics can be sent anonymously to offenders’ phones via Apple’s AirDrop function, which works up to a distance of thirty feet, and as the website states, ‘if you’re close enough to receive one, you’re close enough to spread COVID19.’
The initative is meant to take the confontation out of asking someone to distance or put on a mask.