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287 Corona Lockdown Armchair

Date: June 2020
Designed by: Diana Sokolic and Karla Kocijan
Credit: Diana Sokolic and Karla Kocijan

At first mention of the possible Corona - lockdown people started stocking up on everything  imaginable to secure their future stay at home but one of the most hoarded items was toilet paper. People were buying it in unimaginable  quantities, with no rational reason. The "Corona Lockdown Armchair" is dedicated to the COVID 19  lockdown. The toilet paper is a symbol of panic, while the armchair symbolises  the time spent at home. The armchair has an electrical outlet which mocks the contemporary need for elecrtical and digital gadgets. Almost 500 rolls of toilet paper were used for the creation of the armchair.

The chair was made for the 55th Zagreb Salon 2020 Exhibition. It is a triennal exhibition dedicated to the applied arts and design. It was held from the June 24 to the July 17th in Zagreb, Croatia.