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268 Antivirus.2020 survey project

Date: Begun March 2020
Designed by: Nunzia Carbone and Alice Casiraghi 
In collaboration with: Eleonora Beltrame, Beatrice Rizzi, Paola Trapani, Vittoria Traverso, Francesca Valsecchi
With the participation of:
Chang Minghui, Camilla Seibezzi, Sophie Usunier, Carlotta Zanzottera
Tongji course professor:
Paola Trapani
The students of Tongji University:
HUANG Jiawen, LI Junrui, Sam Eckert, SHEN Ran, WANG Zixuan, ZHANG Huihua, MA Ding, MENG Xinhua, Nicole Chmet, Jacob Nissén Karlsson

Credit: @antivirus.2020

Antivirus.2020 is a project begun by a group of female architects, designers, and artists who wanted to investigate the effects of the Pandemic on daily life, focusing particularly on how people globally have dealt with the pandemic in similar ways. In the first phase of the project, they invited as many people as possible to share their quarantine-related experiences on social media. The designers found that three main themes arose from the responses: collaboration, proxemics, and rituals. To take the project further, they partnered with the co-design course at Tongji University in Shanghai, where nine students from China, Germany, Italy, and Sweden worked on assignments inspired by the themes Antivirus.2020 uncovered in their research:

  1. Collaboration: designing a local government service to improve collaboration among citizens during a pandemic
  2. Proxemics: designing a holistic micro-mobility Product-Service System for an emergency-proof customer experience
  3. Rituals: designing a great farewell ritual at time of social distancing