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240 GLAD mask steriliser

Date: May 2020
Designed by: STUCK Design
Credit: @stuckdesign

“The COVID-19 pandemic has led to shortages of medical resources –especially face masks. To conserve these masks, people start to reuse them, including medical workers. Often, the masks end up unhygienically folded in the pockets. By reusing masks, people are putting their lives at risk.To address this problem, STUCK Design adds a sterilising feature to a mask storage hack, originally created by Matt Lee Tom and Vanderbilt University.

Using Glad Boxes, this storage hack allows masks to be stored more hygienically. One can remove and put on their mask without ever touching the contaminated exterior of the mask. Within the box, however, the inner side of the mask risks being contaminated by elements from the frontal surface. The box itself may also retain infectious elements which could get onto the wearer's side. What if the box can also destroy the harmful elements? STUCK Design found a hack to improve the Glad box solution —making the lid a UV steriliser. The lid is the prime location for the UV sterilisation components, since the existing use case of the Glad box keeps the inner mask surface facing the lid. It also becomes a quick add-on to the ubiquitous Glad box.”