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237 Loop

Date: May 2020
Designed by: JPA Design
Credit: @JPADesignstudio

“The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired us to think deeply about the spaces that surround us, so we can live, move and gather freely, but with higher standards of cleanliness. As a response, JPA Design has created a product that contributes to protecting the personal hygiene of as many households and travellers as possible, while maintaining a contemporary and minimalist style.

We have developed Loop - a beautiful hand sanitiser dispenser. This touchless device eliminates cross-contamination, creating hygiene rituals with ease and minimal effort. "Many of us need practical necessities in our homes but are disappointed with their poor design and durability which doesn’t blend into our lifestyles." Says JPA's Creative Director Elliott Koehler, adding "While pump dispensers that need to be touched are functional, they detract from the space they’re in. We have designed something seamless that fits in any environment in the home, office, or business, making it a smart yet elegant solution."