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236 The Isolation Kit

Date: April 2020
Designed by: Aparna Ashok
Credit: @wildlimestudio

“The Isolation Kit is a self-directed branding and visual identity project inspired by my own experience of being in isolation during the global pandemic. Being in isolation is immediately associated with boredom, we almost treat it like punishment, I know I did. The idea was to be able to change this common misconception of the word ‘isolation’, by giving it a colourful, playful spin. What if being in isolation could be fun? The Isolation Kit would ideally contain essentials and a mix of other curated products that can help keep a person occupied during their respective isolation periods.”

Aparna is a multi-disciplinary designer pursuing her Master’s in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art. Driven by research and curiosity about the complexities of human experience and identity, Aparna’s work centres around social benefit through the creation of scenarios and opportunities for interaction. Working across branding & identity, editorial, user interface, typography, and exhibition design,her practice is rooted in creating curated design experiences.