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211 Buoyancy Blobs / Experiments in Dry-Floatation Therapy

Date: Spring 2020

Experience Design student attempts to float the body from home using natural latex and saturated salt water at skin temperature. The designer observes a kind of wearable furniture that moulds to the contours of the body. Originally Intended as a research method for the simulation of altered gravities, the concept explores the idea of expanding Floatation Therapy into a dry and collective context for a post isolated public. Currently, Reduced Environmental Stimulation Techniques come in an exclusive and expensive form, it is this that the designer seeks to make open and accessible. The project is in development and postponed until the forthcoming academic year. This could be used as a potential aid for mental health issues and anxieties worsened by the lockdown, or those recovering from the virus itself.

Designed by: Jack Smith
Credit: Jack Smith