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153 Good measures wayfinding

Date: 20th May 2020
Designed by: Interesting Projects and Puck Studio

Good Measures is the result of a collaboration between London-based design studio InterestingProjects and vinyl graphic experts PUCK Studio, who were working together on an exhibition for the Design Museum and, like many, have seen their usual work interrupted by the pandemic.

As businesses across the UK start to plan their return to work in the new world of social distancing, a London design collaboration has launched a modular range of wayfinding tools and graphic stickers that puts a positive spin on traditional health and safety signage.

Good Measures provides a new approach to conventional wayfinding to help businesses function effectively in the new world of social distancing and adhere to new government guidelines, without making their work environments feel like danger zones covered in hazard warning tape.

The Good Measures range of graphic vinyl stickers is designed to help businesses highlight important changes to how people should navigate their environment including office, retail,  hospitality and exhibitions. Strong visual cues are used to communicate a range of safety messages, from new routes and one way systems to single-use lifts and spacing at hygiene stations.

Visually, the range draws inspiration from technical drawings in interior design and includes lines, representations of textures, space markers and rulers, all repurposed with style and humour.
Available in a variety of colourways and sizes, the range is divided into five categories:

    - Queuing
    - Directional
    - 2 metre distance
    - Good practice

Designed as a modular system that can be used for both interiors and exteriors, the signage comes with instructions for easy application for businesses to install them themselves, while an installation service is also available. The flexible range allows people to have fun building a wayfinding system that suits their space and personality, with a good selection of colours and patterns available.The team can also work with businesses to create bespoke, customised designs:

As interior designers this is also a useful way for us to reflect on the future of our profession and how people will be using public spaces for the foreseeable future. We passionately believe that while it’s crucial to create safe work and retail environments, it’s also important to retain spaces that inspire creativity and remain pleasant and positive environments.