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144 6ft apart

Date: April 2020
Designed & submitted by: Jason Tse
Credit: jasontsemf

“Even if you are just going out for a stroll with your family members, it may be helpful to stay six feet apart in order to ward off any mistaken judgements about whether or not you actually live together. It may be even better to tell people explicitly that you follow the rule of thumb 100%, which leaves no possibilities for someone to judge you mistakenly. Therefore, 6 ft. apart, no more judgment, no more dispute. Inspired by retractable, compact and lightweight reflectors, and also the hair cutting umbrella, "6 ft. apart" is Personal Protective Equipment that is portable, easy to deploy. It has a 6ft. radius and the eye-catching slogan "We are exactly 6 ft. apart", which protects you from the virus, and any judgements that may arise.” ”