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113 Life Saving Lullabies Project: The Coronavirus Songs

Date: March 2020
Performed by: St John Zambia's Mama na Mwana from Chunga and Kayosha
Designed by: Morrice Muteba,Prof. David Swann, Dr James Reid, Prof. Barry Doyle,
Davies Katanga, Rhoda Ndubani, and St John's Mama na Mwana volunteers.
Credit: lifesavinglullabiesproject

In conjunction with St John Zambia, this UKRI GCRF-funded Life-Saving Lullabies research project (involving Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Huddersfield) has developed a zero-cost service intervention that is sustainable and responsive to the current maternal child health needs in Lusaka, Zambia.

In rising to the unexpected challenge of the coronavirus, on the 6th March (and prior to any confirmed cases being reported in Zambia), the LSL team turned their attention to develop a series of 'virus awareness' songs. These virus songs, conceived and performed by St John Zambia's Mama na Mwana from Chunga and Kayosha are being deployed to up skill their respective communities; local solutions conceived by and for local communities