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061 Soy Sauce Sanitiser Bottles

Designed by: SafeHandFish
Manufactured by: Ohishiya and CleanseEX
Date: April 2020
Credit: SafeHandFish

In the wake of COVID-19, bento box production in Japan collapsed while demand for hand sanitiser soared. As a result, Cleanse EX, a manufacturer of antibacterial hand gel, has collaborated with Ohishiya, a manufacturer of soy sauce bottles, to launch #SafeHandFish.  Responding to a creative brief from the UN, their joint-initiative repurposes fish-shaped soy sauce bottles as hand sanitiser containers. The traditionally red caps of the soy sauce containers have been changed to blue, a colour associated with both cleanliness and the UN. #SafeHandFish provides their soy sauce hand sanitiser containers free of charge to restaurants and food delivery businesses across Japan in a bid to aid community hygiene efforts.