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031 Parc de la Distance

Designed by: Studio Precht
Date: April 2020
Credit: Arch Daily

Precht, a studio based in Austria, has designed a labyrinthine park divided by high hedges which would allow park-goers to enjoy the outdoors whilst maintaining social distance amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Precht’s project has taken the rules of social distancing and used them as a design blueprint, resulting in a finger print-shaped series of 90cm wide hedges which demarcate numerous park routes whilst distancing people from one another. The entrance and exit of each route would have a gate indicating if the route is occupied.

Chris Precht, the park’s designer, believes that the space will serve a purpose beyond the pandemic, stating, "After the pandemic, the park is used to escape the noise and bustle of the city and be alone for some time. I lived in many cities, but I think I have never been alone in public. I think that's a rare quality.” Preched explained, "I think this pandemic has taught us that we need more places to get away," adding that
"City centres should not be defined by their real-estate, but rather by their real escape. By possibilities that allow us to escape to nature," he continued.