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002 Brandenberg Airport

Date: March 2020
Designed by: Opposite Office

The German studio Opposite Office has proposed the transformation of Berlin’s unfinished Brandenburg airport into a superhospital amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The design proposes replacing seating areas at gates with modular cabins constructed from steel frames and wooden planking. Each modular unit would be cordoned off with a cloth curtain and would contain a single bed, tray table and hospital monitor, while a sink for physicians would be attached to the external wall of each unit. Opposite Office’s design aims to mimic the ‘pragmatism and zest’ of the speedily constructed Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and founder, Benedikt Hartl believes the project, named Covid-19 Superhospital BER, ‘could be opened within a few days’ and would provide each patient with ‘their own retreat... The curved, round spatial structure creates a calm and secure place for recovery and relaxation.’